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Discover interesting places of Czech Republic closed off for 40 years behind the Iron Curtain
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Czech Greenways Flexible Multisport Tour

Biking - Hiking - Riding - Canoeing

This multi-activity program takes you along the entire Czech Greenway. It is designed to be flexible, allowing you to rediscover the most interesting, off-the-beaten-track places closed off for forty years behind the Iron Curtain and giving you a maximum degree of freedom and independent choice. For each day you can choose a different means of transportation:

Walking in the Czech RepublicWalking

For each day there is a selected 7 - 10 miles route taking you over the best parts of each Greenway area. As the landscape varies, you can choose from easy flat walks as well as rewarding hikes taking you up the hills and down the river valleys. You will be given detailed topographic maps, GPS and precise itinerary.

Cycling in the Czech RepublicCycling

If you choose to ride a bike on a particular day, you will be provided with detailed topographic maps including your highlighted route, GPS and precise ridebook, as well as a fully-equipped quality hybrid bike to ride over a selected 20 - 39 miles route on backroads and forest trails. You can also opt for an e-bike (for a supplement fee).

Horseback riding in the Czech RepublicHorseback Riding

On a given day you may choose to enjoy a ride in the saddle over a section of the Greenways in the maximum length of 4 hours. A different level of riding can be selected at most sections. This is the only one of the five travel options that returns you back to your morning starting point at the end of the particular day.

Car trip in the Czech RepublicCar Trip

If you feel like having a more relaxed day, you can travel by an air-conditioned car with our driver. You will be taken to see the most interesting towns or points of interest, and be offered the option of a short hike to an interesting place on the route. This way you can also have more time for sightseeing in your overnight place.

Canoeing in the Czech RepublicCanoeing

It is possible to go by canoe at three places along the Greenways - the Luznice, Vltava and Sazava River. The longest route takes 10 miles; the easier ones you may travel by yourself, while on the more demanding ones you will be accompanied by a trained guide.

The combination of activities is up to you - on each day you can pick different means of travel, or you can choose to go most of the trip for example by bicycle or on horseback. Since the Vienna - Prague Greenway is about 250 miles long, you will be transferred over some sections.

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