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Fly-fishing for trout or angling for pike or catfish in one of the Czech Republic's many nature reserves
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Custom bicycle tours in Europe - Create your own tour

Relaxed cycling vacations in EuropeWe can customize for you any of our self-guided cycling tours. Just let us know which tour(s) you are interested in at and specify your wishes regarding:

Tour length
You can shorten or lenghten your trip, join it with another tour or section. No matter, if you have time for a three-day ride only or dream to enjoy a three-week-long adventure, just write us how much time you have, and we will tailor the itinerary for you.

Daily riding distance
You may adjust the daily riding distance to fit your abilities and wishes. Some sections can be divided in two for a relaxed vacation, where not possible due to logistical reasons, you may be offered a transfer. Some tour itineraries already include optional transfers by train or car.
On the other hand, biking enthusiasts may wish to join some legs for a more challenging ride.

Number of nights
Rewarding road bike tours in Europe Why not to add some extra nights at the beginning or the end of the tour to enjoy more sightseeing or cultural events in major cities of Central Europe?
If you wish to include some rest days, additional nights in towns along the route can be arranged.

Tour activity
Some cycling tours can be combined with hiking, at Multisport Tour Vienna - Prague also with horse riding or canoeing. Alternatively, you can take a whole hiking tour or its part before or after your cycling trip.

Bike type
We offer a wide range of quality bikes for your tours, comfortable e-bikes and hybrids, sturdy tandems or carbon racing bikes. At some trails we arrange special road bike tours with paved route surface only and distances adjusted for a rewarding ride.

We are looking forward to your cycling dreams.

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